Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – How-to: Gas Welding Session Four

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How-to: Gas Welding Session Four—Handling the Gas Cylinders & Torch

In this ‘Session Four’ HD video, learn to set up your gas welding torch for our first welding project!  

(The video can be set and viewed in 1080P quality at full-screen mode—if you have the bandwith!)

Click here for quick access to the How-to Gas Welding Session Five!

Setting up torch and gas pressure

  About ready to tackle our first welding project, the torch needs proper setting. Opening the gas cylinder valves safely, getting the torch PSI adjustments correct, and setting up the torch properly take us to our first hands-on welding session.

Gas welding torch ready for use

     In the next session, we’ll light up the torch and weld! The safety and preliminary setup steps are now complete. See the HD video for details on getting your torch ready to weld.

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