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'How-to' Welding Class: Destructive Test of Final Gas Weld Project! 

This HD video follows the practice welding cube as it is subjected to the force of a 20-ton press. (The 16-gauge sheet metal collapses below the 20-ton maximum force.) Watch the results as we subject the gas welded "cube project" to destructive analysis!
(If you have enough bandwidth, the video is viewable in 1080P quality and full-screen mode.)
Using 20-ton press to test gas welding beads
     Everyone wants 'stack of dimes' aluminum TIG welds and steel welds that appear attractive. The real test of a weld, however, is its integrity and the degree of metal fusion. While this includes visible results like a proper weld crown and penetration, welds in many fields must also be subject to X-rays, sonic tests or destructive analysis. 
20-ton press applied to sheet metal face 
As you will see in the HD video, the first step in the destructive test took the metal to its deformation limit. Above view is the deep impression made by the press and a round block spacer. At this stage, we will subject our project cube to a greater force: sandwiching the piece between two matching press plates and applying full load!
Collapsed cube reveals that welds all survived the test!
See the full destructive test and results in this HD video!
There are six demonstration videos and practice exercises in this section. You will find a variety of gas welding and brazing articles and HD videos throughout the 'How-to: Welding Class' Series!

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