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The "Home Pages" offer a sample list of available articles and HD videos. For the full list of articles, see sections at the main panel header or the "Site Content Directory"...Click the "Channel" buttons to access the detailed 4WD Mechanix Video Network playlists!

Looking for answers to your technical questions? Visit the 4WD Mechanix 'Tech and Travel' Forums with 44 individual discussion groups!

HTP America TIG welding electrodes and tungsten tip sharpener In this HD video how-to, Moses Ludel discusses TIG tungsten electrode types and safer choices. He demonstrates the use of the HTP America Tungsten Sharpener and how to shape optimal tungsten tips for inverter TIG welding of aluminum, carbon steel, alloys, and stainless steel. Click here for access to the 1080P HD video and additional details!

Stallion oversees the band at the Nevada desert in winter! In this HD video vlog, Moses Ludel shares an early-March trip into the mountain range southeast of Fernley, Nevada. He films, photographs and talks about wild horses from two small bands. At these elevations in the high desert winter, temperatures drop to the teens overnight, winds blow over the ridgetops at 80-plus mph...See why four generations of the Ludel family value four-wheeling and Nature—making the outdoors and rural Nevada home...    Click here for direct access to this HD video vlog—share this exciting outdoor experience! (Art photography available.)

ZJ Grand Cherokee set up for the Moab slickrock! In this vlog, Moses Ludel shares his choices for a used on- and off-highway Jeep 4x4. Learn about the assets and downsides of the Wrangler YJ, TJ and JK, the Jeep XJ Cherokee and the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ models.

4.2L and 4.0L valvetrain and non-adjustable rocker arms    In this Q&A vlog, Moses Ludel shares valve adjustment methods for the Jeep 232, 258 and 4.0L inline six-cylinder engines! Click here for this in-depth HD video vlog that discusses the procedure for adjusting the hydraulic lifters and valves on a Jeep inline six. The how-to describes troubleshooting, repairs, rebuilding and restoring the valvetrain of these popular Jeep CJ, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and J-truck engines.

Exclusive tour of Advance Adapters at Paso Robles! A total of seventeen HD videos available at the magazine—including interviews and product demonstrations:

Touring the Advance Adapters manufacturing facility at Paso Robles, California  Video Tour: Advance Adapters Manufacturing Facility  Advance Adapters produces a variety of transfer case, transmission, overdrive and engine conversion components. The Atlas transfer cases, Saturn overdrive, Rubicrawler, Ranger Torque Splitter and SYE kits are well known in the 4WD community—and produced in-house at Paso Robles, California. See the modern Advance Adapters manufacturing and machine processes that produce these quality components. There are three HD videos at this network page. The full Advance Adapters series totals seventeen 1080P HD videos—available exclusively at this website!

Mike Partridge and Moses Ludel talk at Advance Adapters. HD Video Interview: Advance Adapters President Mike Partridge In this candid talk, Moses Ludel and Mike Partridge discuss 4WD industry trends and the Advance Adapters role within the 4WD aftermarket. The conversation includes new 4x4 products, popular consumer interests and keeping production in the United States.

Exclusive—HD video interviews with two-dozen key aftermarket industry product manufacturers at the SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference:

2013 SEMA-MPMC Media Trade Conference, Santa Ana, CA Introduction: SEMA-MPMC Media Trade Conference The 2013 SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference at Santa Ana, California, provided the opportunity for one-on-one interviews with key automotive aftermarket product manufacturers. For the latest in truck, Jeep and off-road 4x4 performance—plus engine tuning, lubricants, air induction, performance exhaust, chassis performance, transmission, clutch, engine performance programmers and suspension improvements—see the 24 HD videos in this series—exclusively at 4WD Mechanix Magazine and the 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network!

Cold Fire is a breakthrough fire suppressant product. Fire safety is a foremost concern for backcountry four-wheelers, 4WD shops, weldors and the off-road racing community. 4WD Mechanix Magazine shares Cold Fire®, the environmentally friendly, highly effective fire suppressant!

1964 Jeep CJ-5 with AMC 196 OHV inline six swap Is this the original "inline six stroker motor" swap for a Jeep utility 4x4? Could Jason Taylor's 1964 Jeep CJ-5 be the original AMC stroker inline six? Vintage Jeep fans and motorheads will enjoy this "in the day" one-off predecessor to the modern Jeep 4.6L stroker inline six!

HTP America's auto-darkening Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet See the HD video review of HTP America's advanced Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet. The auto-darkening lens is a state-of-the-art helmet for safety and welding ease—our choice for the welding studio!

The magazine's XJ Cherokee gets new BFG All-Terrain T/A KO tires! 4WD Mechanix© Magazine picks B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain A/T KO tires for the XJ Cherokee 4x4! See the HD video coverage of LT285/75R16 tires—mounted, balanced and fitted to our six-inch "long arm" lifted Jeep!

Performing routine service on Dodge Ram trucks!  For in-depth Dodge Ram truck and Cummins turbo diesel 'how-to' service procedures and fuel saving tips, visit the "Dodge Ram Truck Maintenance & Repair Shop" section...Click here for quick access!

11.5 'How-to' shop project for G.M., Dodge and Ram trucks! Setting up new ring-and-pinion gears in the AAM 11.5" full-floating axle.

Moses Ludel rebuilt this NP/NV231 transfer case and installed the Advance Adapters SYE output...Click on this image to access the 'how-to' article at this website! Learn about lift kit installations and additional modifications needed—like Advance Adapters' slip yoke eliminator (SYE) kit shown here. Know the "trickle down" effects a lift kit can create—and how to resolve theseissues!

GDiesel transport truck at the Nevada refining facility, click here to see the HD video! 4WD Mechanix© Magazine is now testing "GDiesel" produced by Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC. For HD video coverage of this breakthrough fuel, click here!

Bestop Jeep JK Wrangler on trail run at Moab See coverage from the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari! This magazine section includes 15 videos plus several articles with photos from a week of 4WD activity and 4x4 runs at Moab, Utah!

Action at Area BFE at 2012 Moab Jeep Safari Action from tough trails like the 'Area BFE' Rocks! See the action here at 4WD Mechanix© Magazine!

Mopar Concept Vehicles at 2012 Moab Jeep Safari See Mopar concept vehicles and key the Mopar Media Trail Run video!

Mopar 5.7L Hemi V-8 for Jeep JK Wrangler Learn more about Jeep upgrades and trail technology—like the Mopar Hemi V-8 Conversion Kit for the Jeep JK Wrangler!

Trail welding repair at the 2012 Warn Media Run near Moab, Utah At the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari week, Warn Industries' Media Trail Run included an unexpected trail welding repair!

Lonely finish line near Fernley, Nevada, a checkered flag waiting for the next desert racer By nightfall, terrain changes hue. Tired eyes peer through silt dust and gathering darkness for the elusive finish line at Fernley, Nevada...Welcome to the 2012 VORRA USA 500 Race!

See the Automatic Transmission Workshop and Q&A section for RH/RE insights!   In the Automatic Transmission Workshop and 'Q&A' sections, discover ways to keep your Jeep® or Ram truck transmission alive! Coverage includes popular light trucks, SUVs and 4x4s. 
Moses Ludel shares his automatic transmission bench, rebuilding the RE and RH valve body to survive! Click on this image to access the comprehensive article on upgrading Jeep and Dodge Ram automatic transmissions.   The 'Automatic Transmission Workshop' shares how-to, upgrades, improvements and rebuilding tips. Make sure your Jeep 4WD, SUV or light truck transmission can survive those rough trails and hauling chores! 
Shannon Campbell pre-race interview at Hammertown! Extensive HD video coverage from 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers! Interviews, Ultra4 race car close-ups and desert racing action from Johnson Valley, CA—includes the Every Man's Challenge and Team Robby Bobby!    

Brad Falin's #457 became the first Duramax turbo-diesel powered Ultra4 buggy to compete at the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers Race! Bradley's Race Works #457 car from Fernley, Nevada...Title-sponsored by 4WD Mechanix© Magazine for the 2012 Griffin KOH Race, Brad Falin's Duramax diesel Ultra4 race car—here is the complete story!

Dynamic Diesel, Inc., installs a FASS lift pump  Dynamic Diesel, Inc., at Sparks, Nevada, installs an upgrade lift pump for Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L engines. Click here to see the HD video walkthrough and install!

Moses Ludel installs a Mopar remanufactured 4.0L inline six and the AX-15 transmission that he rebuilt...Click on this image to download a PDF article on the latest Mopar 4.7L stroker motor! Jeep 4WD technical 'how-to' by Moses Ludel, author of the bestselling Jeep® Owner's Bible™  and Jeep® CJ Rebuilder's Manuals!  Get the professional tips and information you can depend on!

Moses Ludel's professional tech 'how-to' takes your Jeep 4WD rebuilding skills to the professional level. Here, the AX-15 transmission gets a blueprint rebuild!  Rebuilding the complex Jeep-Aisin AX15 transmission requires careful parts sequencing. Moses Ludel's two-part, heavily illustrated 'how-to' article explains every technical step in the rebuilding process!

4.2L crankshaft and rods with 4.0L cast and coated pistons HD video exclusive! Moses Ludel interviews Tony Hewes at Hewes Performance Machine. Learn how to build a Jeep 4.6L inline six stroker motor for stump-pulling torque and fuel efficiency! To view this six-segment HD video series, click here!

Learn DIY wheel alignment methods from a professional!   Learn about Jeep 4WD powertrain, axle, chassis and steering system work. Benefit from detailed 'how-to' articles and videos. Get the right answers—from Moses Ludel, a Jeep® and 4WD truck authority!

Learn to service your Jeep 4WD automatic transmission!   Step-by-step instructions for routine, preventive maintenance. Keep your Jeep 4WD or Ram truck in top trail or towing condition, ready for the challenges!

Moses talks about the right lubricants for your Jeep 4WD.   Preventive maintenance and fuel savings require the best lubricants. Use fluids designed for your Jeep 4WD or Dodge Ram truck—like these Mopar® products!

Learn engine performance tuning and chassis upgrades from Moses Ludel!   Moses Ludel shares Jeep 4WD tuning insights for trail running, competition and maximum fuel efficiency. Get tuning and towing tips for Ram trucks—including the extraordinary 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins turbo-diesels!

Jeep 8.25 Learn to build axles that withstand the roughest backcountry punishment and last longer! Moses Ludel shares over four decades of Jeep 4WD axle building experience.

Lift kits are popular and questions get answered professionally and objectively by Moses Ludel. 'How-to' technical features, 'step-by-step' articles plus instructional HD videos. Join Moses Ludel at the work bench—and on backcountry, overland trails!

Moses Ludel installs the FTS Ultimate suspension system for Jeep TJ Wrangler. Understand Jeep 4WD suspension—install lift kits that work well off-pavement and provide proper handling on the highway!

 CV joint on SYE driveline of XJ Cherokee.   Moses Ludel troubleshoots Jeep 4WD, SUV and light truck problems, discusses restorative repairs, modifications and the various upgrades for performance and fuel savings!

4.6L stroker inline Jeep six-cylinder engine ready for a YJ Wrangler Moses Ludel shares good reasons for building the popular 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor. In this vlog, Moses describes the best engine build for street, highway and 4x4 trail use.

Several Moses Ludel 4WD and motorcycle books (Bentley Publishers) This introduction HD video describes the 'Live Tech' Q&A. Moses Ludel hosts the 4WD Mechanix Video Network's "Vlog and 'Live Tech' Q&A Channel" programming. Viewers can send Q&A questions to

Sand Trooper Mopar concept Jeep Wrangler at the 2012 SEMA Show The 2012 SEMA Show's 2,200 prime exhibits attracted over 120,000 attendees...4WD Mechanix Video Network features HD video coverage of the 2012 SEMA Show at Las Vegas, Nevada—the largest SEMA Show in history!

Setting up arc welder for welding! 'How-to Welding Class' HD video tutorial moves to stick (SMAW) arc welding! When do you use A.C. versus D.C. welding mode? Moses Ludel discusses welding needs and choosing a welder...See the HTP Invertig 221 machine set up for stick AC and DC mode? Stick arc welding (SMAW) is underway! 

Moses Ludel rebuilds the 11.5 The how-to rebuild of the 11.5" AAM axle rapidly gained the highest traffic count of any tech article at the magazine site...Here is the 1080P HD video sequel, an in-depth, high resolution video covering the how-to rebuild of the popular 9.25" AAM axle for G.M. truck and Dodge Ram owners! 

Warn Industries' new line of Zeon winches! 4WD Mechanix© Magazine covered the Portland, Oregon launch of the new Warn Zeon winches. Looking for the most advanced mid-frame winch design yet? See the exclusive HD video coverage and close-up details at the 4WD Mechanix Video Network!

MSD Atomic EFI—for engines from 100-625 horsepower! 4WD Mechanix© Magazine exclusive—First installation of 'MSD Atomic EFI' on a Jeep 4.2L inline six...See this rock crawlin' trail runner at the '2012 Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Event'! 

4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor dialogue continues!  For the latest commentary on the 4.6L Jeep stroker inline six, check out the Grand Cherokee 'Q&A' section—the 4.6L stroker motor is a prime topic!

Dozer Yellow is the color of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4x4 test vehicle! 2012 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon test vehicle makes the magazine's pick of the year! The magazine tests the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4x4—and picks it as '4WD Sport Utility Vehicle of the Year'...See detailed HD video review and driving impressions!

Camper and staff member taking the 4WD route home from Camp Wamp!  HD video special: 2012 'Camp Wamp' at CCYC Camp Nejedly, Lake Hawley...Summer Camp for Youth with Disabilities—4WD access only! 

Mina OHV Trails by author Tom Willis 'OHV' author Tom Willis now contributes a travel column to 4WD Mechanix Magazine. Tom shares off-road travel insights and his exciting backcountry discoveries!



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