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The "Home Pages" offer a sample list of available articles and HD videos. For the full list of articles, see sections at the main panel header or the "Site Content Directory"...Click the "Channel" buttons to access the detailed 4WD Mechanix Video Network playlists!

Chrysler DRB III scan tool used for in-depth DTC diagnostics and speedometer calibration    Testing and calibrating factory Jeep and Dodge Ram OBDII speedometers—using the Chrysler DRB III Scanner and DTC diagnostic and repair tool!

Gas welding final practice exercises See the oxygen-acetylene gas welding final practice exercises in HD video...The 'How-to: Welding Class' moves to stick (SMAW) welding!

TIG welding repairs can restore obsolete castings!    'How-to: Welding Class' is now available in HD video format at the 4WD Mechanix©Magazine website! Improve your gas, stick, MIG and TIG welding skills—take your 4x4 shop and trail welding ability to the next level...Start learning now!

Oxygen-acetylene how-to at 4WD Mechanix Magazine Join the "How-to: Welding Class" at 4WD Mechanix© Magazine. Sessions begin with safety gear, gas welding, gas brazing and gas cutting in full-screen HD video coverage!

Gas brazing with oxygen-acetylene torch Many confuse brazing with soldering, and there are some similarities. Within the 'Welding Class' sessions, here is close-up HD video coverage of the oxy-acetylene brazing process! 

Moses Ludel discusses latest Griffin prototype radiator for the Jeep XJ Cherokee! Summertime cooling can be an issue...See the magazine's section devoted to Jeep® engine cooling needs! Exclusive 'how-to' coverage of the latest Griffin prototype radiator for the Jeep XJ Cherokee and MJ Comanche! 

 Reno, Nevada based CJ-8 Scrambler built for the hardest 4x4 trails. Click on this image for direct access to the HD video coverage of this Jeep. Hewes Performance Machine's Stroker 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Engine is now doing duty in a hard trail CJ-8 Scrambler!

Magazine's Dodge Ram 3500 getting ready for the Lucas 2011 Off-Road Expo at Pomona, California! 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 makeover earned an invitation to the B.F. Goodrich display area at the 2011 Off-Road Expo. This 4WD truck is our trailer hauler workhorse. For details, click here!

"Getting a Jeep 4x4 or rock buggie to the trailhead often involves trailer pulling. For the 4WD Mechanix© Magazine chores, trailering means a Dodge-Ram truck. Included at the website is technical how-to, maintenance tips and proven upgrades for Dodge and Ram trucks—plus insights into the 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins diesels and Hemi gasoline engines...You will also find extensive coverage of Ford Powerstroke and G.M. Duramax diesel-powered trucks!" —Moses Ludel

Freshly built 4.6L Jeep stroker inline six In this 'Live Tech' vlog, Moses Ludel comments on the road test of a freshly built 4.6L Jeep inline stroker six. The long block, built by Hewes Performance Machine, has all the ingredients for longevity, superior torque and increased horsepower output. Get the HD vlog details here!

Installing the Bestop TrekStep in the Dodge Ram 3500! The Dodge Ram 3500 got the "lift"—and the bed went out of reach! See the Bestop® TrekStepsolution in HD video how-to!

Winter battery and engine bearing protection against extreme cold  There is no greater strain on a battery and engine bearings than a cold weather start-up! In the latest 'Live Tech' vlog, Moses Ludel shares suggestions on how-to protect your engine and battery from the perils of extreme cold weather. See the latest Moses Ludel 'Live Tech' Vlog—just in time for the sub-freezing weather!

Mike Picard's 'Electro-Willys' M38 Jeep    'Electro-Willys' is a 1952 M38 Willys military 1/4-ton 4x4 restoration and electric vehicle conversion. To learn more about Mike Picard's "green" Jeep project, click here!

Have a welding, metallurgy or metal fabrication question? Click on this image to access the website's welding section and submit your 'Q & A' questions! Learn MIG, TIG and stick welding techniques and how to weld better at your 4x4 shop—or when performing emergency trail repairs! See the 'Welding & Metal Fabrication Workshop'!

Want to repair a vintage Jeep casting? Moses Ludel shares his TIG cast iron welding skills and more! This thick cast iron axle was repaired with bronze 'in the day'. Within the magazine's welding 'how-to', Moses Ludel demonstrates TIG cast iron welding and other repair techniques. Below is the same iron casting after the TIG welding repair!

Hours of TIG welding—Moses Ludel brings this massive cast iron housing back to service. Jeep 4WD restoration and race car fabrication require a wide range of skills. Learn the latest welding, brazing and metallurgy processes at the website's "Welding & Metal Fabrication Workshop". Master trail welding repairs, too!

PCM is the  Learn about Jeep and other ignitions, carburetion, TBI, MPI, EFI conversions, emission controls and EVAP systems. See the magazine's sections devoted to engine tuning, diagnostics and field troubleshooting. For Jeep tuning, click here!

1918 Nash-Quad 4WD truck at Moab, Utah 1918 Nash-Quad 4WD truck—a branch in the Jeep family tree? Learn more about this antique Moab four-wheel drive truck!

Make 4WD Mechanix Magazine your source for Jeep 4WD and Ram truck Q&A! Want answers to your Jeep® 4WD, Dodge Ram or welding questions? Get professional how-to and step-by-step technical insights at the "Workshop" and 'Q&A' sections!

2012 Reno Off-Road & Motorsport Expo at the Reno Convention Center!    The 2012 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo three-day event! See the HD video coverage and make plans for next year's show at the Reno Convention Center.

2012 Jeep JK Wrangler on the trail! Jeep® lives up to its time-honored reputation with the launch of the 2012 JK Wrangler. Join the media event at Portland, Oregon, and the Tillamook National Forest—including HD video footage of the JK in action! Click here.

Ram Runner competes at the desert    Latest Ram News—Mopar 'Ram Runner' Wins Truck Duel in the Desert: Leaves Ford SVT Raptor in the Dust...Click for details! (Photo courtesy of Chrysler Group, LLC)

Jeep concept vehicle at the 2011 SEMA Show's Mopar display area! Jeep was center stage at the 2011 SEMA Show's Mopar® display area. See HD video coverage of new aftermarket products for 4WD Jeep and Ram truck models—click here!

Latest Mopar/Jeep Accessories brochures available here!  See the latest Mopar/Jeep® Accessories brochures for each Jeep model. Click here for access to high resolution, PDF brochures!

Trekking the Rubicon Trail can include views like this pond and the Sierra Mountains in the distance. There's more to Jeep four-wheeling than rock pounding all day! View this summer pond in the High Sierra Country—just yards from the rugged 4WD challenges of the Rubicon Trail!

Panorama of the Colorado River at Moab, just yards from the rugged trail.  For contrast, consider the spectacular Colorado River and mesas at Moab, Utah, just a few yards' walk from the designated 4WD trail. Let's enjoy this view and 'Tread Lightly!' {Photos by Moses Ludel}

This Northwest JK finds its way to the trails at Moab! Jeep 4WD trail runners in four-wheel drive action! Jeep 4x4 enthusiasts have enjoyed these trails for more than half a century.

CJ-7 on the plateaus at Moab.  Vintage Jeep 4WDs, like this nicely built, trail-running CJ-7 at Moab, Utah, get full coverage at the 4WD Mechanix© Magazine website!

Bestop takes its fleet of Jeep JK Wranglers to the Fins and Things at Moab Jeep Safari 2011.    Testing new 4WD aftermarket products, the latest Bestop® designs for the Jeep® JK Wrangler shine on the slickrock at Moab!

The latest equipment and Jeep 4WD product news. New products and corporate news from Jeep®, Mopar®, Jeep® Accessories, Ram truck and the 4WD industry's 4WD aftermarket equipment manufacturers!

Moses Ludel covered the Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Event 2010 and produced a 3-part video series on that event. Click on this image to quickly access the detailed video coverage! Join the 'Wheelers for the Wounded' on the Rubicon Trail! Give back to those who serve. Share the best of four-wheeling with others. Video coverage of the 2010 and 2011 events available here—click the year for access!

Camp Wamp Jeep driver  Be a Jeep 4WD transportation volunteer for Camp Wamp! Many Jeep 4WD and Ram truck owners volunteer for community services—including search-and-rescue, backcountry guiding, emergency aid and trail restoration!

Wild horses near Mud Meadows, Nevada.  Share backcountry four-wheeling with family and friends. Turn your Jeep 4WD into the ultimate destination vehicle. Enjoy open country, history and thrills like these wild horses near High Rock Canyon, Nevada!

New Ram 'Power Wagon' plies Poison Spider Mesa Trail at Moab!  On slickrock at Moab, this new Ram Power Wagon lives up to its reputation! 4WD Mechanix© Magazine devotes an entire section to Ram truck testing, safe towing practices and proven fuel efficiency tips.

Get ready for 2012 KOH racing coverage!  Our XR350R prepped to cover the '2012 Griffin King of the Hammers Race' week, February 4th-11th at Johnson Valley, CA. See "Latest Off-Road Racing News" for details!

Shannon Campbell's Ultra4 Race car at the 2011 Stampede Race!  Moses Ludel interviewed Shannon Campbell prior to the 2011 Stampede Race near Reno, Nevada. To view this exclusive 3-part HD video session, click here!

2011 Stampede Ultra4 Race competition near Reno, Nevada!  Watch the 2011 Stampede Ultra4 Race from a unique angle: on-the-ground at the 'waterfall' rocks! Click here for exclusive, in-depth HD video coverage.

2011 WFTW Rubicon Super Event vet and 4WD volunteer... '2011 Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Event' coverage is now available in HD video! Join the vets and 4WD volunteer drivers on the Rubicon Trail. Click here!

Rock crawling competition, CalROCS 2010 near Reno, Nevada!    Jeep 4WD desert racing and rock crawling competition...Videos and feature articles share challenges, equipment and driver skills!

Stampede Race rock crawling competition The inaugural 2010 Stampede Race near Reno, Nevada, was a qualifier for 'King of the Hammers'. 18 of 55 entries finished. For many, competition ended at this rock pile...Click here for the video footage!

Josh Hall minutes after winning Class 1 in the #6 MasterPull/Rod Hall Racing truck. Fernley, Nevada, July 16, 2011—Josh Hall minutes after his Class 1 win at the MasterPull USA 500 desert race. For race details, results and video coverage—click here!

2011 Moab Jeep Safari on the trail with Warn Industries and a JK Wrangler. Enjoy Jeep 4WD backcountry travel and adventure in full-color feature stories and videos! See Warn's exciting media run at the 2011 Moab Jeep Safari.

Trail modified YJ Wrangler shows its axle articulation at Moab Jeep Safari 2011. Jeep 4WD feature rigs—see the ultimate trail and multi-purpose use Jeep 4x4s—close-up with technical details! Click here...

Click on this image to access the four-part video interview series with Bradley Falin and Robert Daly! Learn performance driving and technology insights from exclusive video interviews with desert racing and rock crawling competitors! Brad Falin shares his VORRA championship off-road race car...Click here.

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