Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HTP Introduces the New Invertig 221 Welder

August 2011—Newest Invertig 221 TIG/DC Welder from HTP America!

Invertig 221 TIG/DC Welder!

HTP America continues to set new standards in AC/DC inverter welders with the introduction of the Invertig 221. The new Invertig 221 AC/DC Inverter Welder will produce professional welds with all types of metal! This TIG welder features a full 220 amps of rugged welding power, and the machine has been scaled down in size, the distinct advantage of an inverter welder, to 40 only pounds. It is easy to take the Invertig 221 right to the job.

The Invertig 221 is packed with features. It is the only welder in its class with independent AC amperage adjustment. This feature gives you precise control over the heat input to both the work piece and the tungsten by allowing you to separately adjust the electrode negative and electrode positive amperage. The 221 also offers you the ability to adjust the AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 HZ—the high AC frequency gives you a more focused arc with greater arc control.

The Invertig 221 is an excellent DC welder as well, its smooth, stable arc coupled with the 221’s high speed DC pulse. This makes intricate work on mild steel, 4130, stainless, inconel and titanium a breeze! The 221 provides unparalleled arc control.

The Invertig 221 allows you store up to 64 separate welding programs and provides outstanding performance when stick welding in either AC or DC modes. There are three models to choose from: Air Cooled, Water Cooled or Dual Voltage, and every Invertig 221 comes with a 3-year warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

HTP America is a single source for a complete lineup of MIG and TIG welders, Plasma Cutters and welding helmets. The company also provides a wide selection of auto body and metal working tools, and welding accessories and supplies, including welding wire, welding guns and parts. HTP equipment is used by top competitive teams in most popular racing series.

Note: 4WD Mechanix Magazine is currently evaluating and testing the HTP America Invertig 221 machine. This unique and versatile welding package comes at a highly competitive price!—Moses Ludel