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The 4WD Mechanix Magazine website proudly introduces HTP America welding equipment. HTP America has become a major supplier of welding equipment and supplies for both emerging hobbyists and professional weldors. With uncompromising quality, HTP America delivers the best welding products—at affordable pricing—for Jeep 4WD enthusiasts and 4×4 specialty shops…

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Suspension lift kits generally require welding and fabricating work.

I began welding in 1964, under the tutelage of Douglas High School’s welding instructor, Mr. Grey. Like most higher schoolers, I had no idea how large a role welding would play in my professional life. Fortunately, I wanted to weld properly and closely followed Mr. Grey’s lessons and projects. Mr. Grey’s patience and attention to detail set a standard for my career work and welding projects.

This casting was

By the late-’60s, my skills advanced to the professional level, eventually specialty welding processes like TIG/GTAW, high-temp silver brazing, repairing cast irons, aluminum welding and low alloy steel (“chromoly”) and stainless steel welding. In mastering each of those processes, Mr. Grey came to mind. Eventually, his patience served me well when I taught metal fabrication and welding at the adult vocational education level.

Moses Ludel demonstrates a heavy grey iron casting repair, using TIG/GTAW process.

As for equipment, I have worked with all major manufacturers’ machines, performing various welding processes with each design. When I considered my instructional goals at the ‘Welding & Fabricating Workshop’ section of this website, my thoughts turned to machines suitable for the task. After careful consideration, I approached HTP America…I’m glad that I did so.

Cast iron repairs require optimal equipment and filler materials. Our equipment of choice is HTP America!

Jeff Noland, President, walked me through the many products that HTP America, Inc., offers—and some on the drawing board! After considering 4WD Mechanix Magazine readers and the needs of Jeep 4WD owners, Dodge/Ram truck enthusiasts plus the many professional 4×4 shop personnel, I chose HTP America as the optimal equipment supplier.

For affordable, state-of-the-art equipment that is user friendly and of the highest quality, HTP America delivers…This magazine section shares the products, latest news and developments at HTP America.

I look forward to operating, testing and demonstrating HTP America’s welding and cutting equipment. HTP welding and cutting supplies are popular throughout the industry. These products will professionalize your welding and metal fabrication work, delivering the safety and reliability your backcountry Jeep 4×4 or Dodge/Ram trailer hauler requires!

Moses Ludel

Seldom will an iron casting require this kind of attention—unless the Jeep casting is obsolete!