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2012 Moab Jeep Safari: Mopar Trail Concept Vehicles—Seven HD Videos!

Jeep® CEO Mike Manley opened the Mopar presentations with an overview of Jeep® brand targets and the growing global marketing successes.

Mopar portal-axle

     At the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari, Mopar hosted a media trail run and launched the newest Mopar/Jeep Concept vehicles. Special presentations by Jeep® CEO Mike Manley and Mopar CEO Pietro Gorlier shared the Jeep brand's aims and product goals for Mopar and Mopar Performance. 

'Nukizer' back by popular demand

Mopar CEO Pietro Gorlier shares details on Mopar's commitment to Jeep consumers and off-roaders. He pledges to meet the challenges and needs of Jeep 4x4 owners.

  The 'buzz' this year is Mopar's awaited launch of a Hemi V-8 conversion package for the Jeep JK Wrangler. Targeting both the 2007-2011 and 2012-up models, these conversion kits will meet the on- and off-road requirements of late Wrangler owners. Hear about the new Hemi kit and more in these presentations...Join us on the trail in the concept vehicles and upgraded Jeep 4x4s!

V-8 Hemi conversions for the JK Wrangler were the buzz at Moab.

In this presentation by Mopar's Jim Sassorossi, hear firsthand about the forthcoming 5.7L Hemi V-8 conversion package for the 2007-up Jeep JK Wrangler models!

1962 Willys Wagon concept Jeep at Moab

  Nobody would argue that Mark Allen has the coolest job at Mopar—designing concept Jeep vehicles! In these videos, see the creations of the Mopar designers who build the theme projects and leading edge concept vehicles!

Engine bay in Mopar Concept 'Willys Station Wagon' 

  Mark Allen added this gem to the concept vehicle list for this year: a 1962 Willys Station Wagon body on an LJ Wrangler chassis with powertrain! What a great way to celebrate Moab, Utah. This timepiece looks at home, plying the region that spawned a uranium boom in Moab's colorful past!

Moab and the Willys Station Wagon—a great fit!

Gee, some of us remember this fishing tackle and picnic gear...We also remember the Willys Station Wagon in Jeep dealership showrooms of the early 'sixties. Wish that 4.0L MPI inline six engine had been around in those years!

 Mopar concept pickup at the trail run

The Mopar Media Trail Run included all of the concept and upgraded vehicles from the presentations. The media drove and tested hemi-powered Wranglers, the Willys Wagon, the portal axle FC concept Jeep, the Nukizer, the red Gladiator J-simulation pickup and more...Join us!

Heavy Duty 2500 Jeep Quad-Cab pickup concept vehicle at Moab

 Traditional J-truck utility in a JK Wrangler...the crowd flocked to this truck. Could this be a portent of Jeep 4x4s to come? What an idea! (See the Jeep/Mopar on Main Street display below.)