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Mac's Tie-Downs Suspend a Jeep JK Wrangler and Trailer from a Crane!  

In the ultimate demonstration of product integrity, Mac's Custom Tie-Downs hang a hefty Jeep JK Wrangler four-door—plus a car hauling trailer—from a boom crane! The 2013 Moab Jeep Safari provides the backdrop for this ultimate test of off-the-shelve, "Made in U.S.A." tie-downs and straps. See the 8000-pound package leave the ground in this 1080P HD video exclusive!
Mac's Custom Tie-Downs holding Jeep to trailer Boom crane about to lift Jeep and trailer
Mac's Custom Tie-Downs are well known throughout the 4x4 community. Securing a Jeep to a trailer is always a safety issue, and Mac's put their Made in U.S.A. products to the ultimate test at the 2013 Moab Jeep Safari. A hefty boom crane is about to hoist the strapped-down Jeep JK Wrangler into the air—with the trailer in tandem! This is an 8000-pound combined package!
Mac addresses crowd of spectators Jeep JK Wrangler hoisted into the air with a boom crane
Here, Mac addresses the crowd and notes that the tie-downs involved are off-the-shelf products sold daily by Mac's Custom Tie-Downs. At right, the Jeep heads skyward! Want tie-downs that you can trust under adverse conditions? These ties and other Mac's strapping held the 8000-pound package mid-air for days after the demonstration!