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Two HD Videos: Area BFE Trail Rock Crawl at 2012 Moab Jeep Safari!

In this video footage from Area BFE, the group takes on the challenges of rock walls, steep steps and extreme drop-offs. It becomes clear which driving techniques work best and how to utilize aftermarket equipment to advantage. You can learn here!

See Ultra4 Champion Brad Lovell's vertical rock crawl in the other video at this page!

Dynomax trail buggy at Area BFE 2012

     Rancho/Dynomax, B.F. Goodrich and Bestop sponsored an Area BFE run during the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari. Here, Dynomax's buggy negotiates one of the bigger challenges at Area BFE. The group included a variety of Jeep trail 4x4s, 4WD buggies and even Ultra4 professional rigs driven by Brad Lovell, Shannon Campbell and Erik Miller.

     There are a variety of trails at Moab, Utah. Some challenge even the veteran and professional drivers. While many trails have public land access status, Area BFE is a private park that throws some of the best obstacles in a driver's path. Join us on this run and see for yourself—taking a wrong turn or line at Area BFE proves more than challenging!

Vintage Jeepster body with modern powertrain at Area BFE

This vintage Jeepster-bodied Jeep 4x4 fit well with the run. Ample ground clearance, a wide track width and great approach and departure angles distinguish this popular Jeep 4WD icon.

2012 Moab Jeep Safari and Area BFE trail run

Watch the HD video coverage for tips on picking a driving line and what equipment serves best—and how to use it properly!

Lovell and Campbell at Area BFE Moab 2012

Brad Lovell assaulted a vertical wall for exhibition/demonstration purposes. The Area BFE run included sportsmanship and group support from Brad Lovell, Shannon Campbell and Erik Miller, each professionally recognized as top Ultra4 drivers. Thanks for joining us at Area BFE! See the video of Brad's attempt here.