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Griffin Radiator Upgrade for Jeep J-Trucks and the Grand Wagoneers!

Griffin radiator with twin electric fans and shroud

     Griffin cooling system products are well-known in the automotive field and desert racing. For maximum cooling and precise thermal protection, Jeep 4WD trail rigs often run Griffin radiators and electric fan systems.

There are two HD videos covering the J10 Jeep 4WD truck and installation of a performance Griffin Radiator. See the two videos at the 4WD Mechanix Video Network's "4WD Tech How-to Channel" presentation!

J10 AMC/Jeep at the peak of technology in the '80s

     Jim Harmony's multipurpose 1984 Jeep J10 pickup needed more radiator for mud bogging, trails and rock crawling. Fellow racer Robert Daly approached Griffin about a radiator for this model and discovered the application was not available. Griffin offered to make a radiator, using the OEM J-truck unit as a prototype.

AMC/Jeep 360 V-8 at the peak of J-truck technology in the 1980s

     Robert Daly shipped Griffin the stock radiator from the J10. The truck was originally equipped with air conditioning, a Torqueflite and an AMC 360 V-8, which still powers the pickup. Griffin not only built a heavy-duty replacement radiator, they also pledged to make the design available to other Jeep owners with this radiator configuration.

New water pump assures adequate flow through new Griffin radiator

     Jim Harmony's J10 now has the ultimate highway, off-road and racing radiator. The two 'how-to' HD videos were shot live at Robert Daly's A-1 Upholstery shop during the installation. They share the radiator, Griffin's Spal fan system and other needs associated with the radiator fit and electrical needs.

Griffin Radiator products for maximum performance!