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Narrated Slideshow:  ‘How-to’ Gear and Transmission Case Restoration

Damaged obsolete B-W cluster gear

Restored cluster gear

     At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, I was the guest speaker at the banquet. To serve this niche Jeep interest group, my presentation covered a variety vintage mechanical restoration processes.

     As the vintage NOS parts availability decreases, an increasingly important practice is the restoration of gear and casting components. In the video slide presentation, I share the repair and restoration of an obsolete gear and a broken iron transmission flange. These steel and cast iron fixes were done with TIG/GTAW process.

     If you have a damaged transmission flange or a gear that needs restoration, review these steps. The video slides with captions have additional, live narration from my presentation.


These repairs of vintage, obsolete parts are possible with the use of the right filler materials. For filler materials, Weld Mold Company is our source!

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—Moses Ludel

Weld Mold Company is our source for niche welding filler materials!