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How-to: Workshop for Full-Size (FSJ) Jeep 4WD Models

 Full-Size Cherokee at Sheep Canyon 2008

     In the Jeep Owner’s Bible, I praised the Kaiser and AMC/Jeep era J-trucks, Cherokees, Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer. My familiarity with FSJ engineering, chassis design, mechanical features and vehicle dynamics dates to the ‘Sixties. Over the years, I have rebuilt, restored and upgraded these models, and my appreciation continues!

Moses Ludel

Want to do your own Jeep 4WD repairs, troubleshooting and upgrades? The workshops offer Jeep technical ‘how-to’ projects, valuable troubleshooting tips plus a variety of upgrade product installations. See the ‘how-to’ articles, videos and instructional tips on the following pages!

FS Cherokee Grille on Mopar Concept Vehicle EJS 2010 

     Today, the full-size Jeep 4WD or ‘FSJ’ models have a loyal following. With their style, power, luxury and utility, the rugged and well-appointed FSJs were successful for three decades.

     FSJ owners can expect timely, enthusiastic responses to ‘Q & A’ inquiries related to these models!

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