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BFGoodrich® Tires Hosts  VIP Tour at the 2013  Lucas Off-Road Expo!

Bob Bower and Jeff Cumming of BFG Tires Carrie Woodward of BFGoodrich Tires

     The 2013 Lucas Off-Road Expo provided the backdrop for a BFGoodrich® Tires "VIP Tour". Select guests received an orientation to BFG tires and a tour by BFG notables Bob Bower and Jeff Cummings (at left photo). The tour began with an introduction session, including the event's coordinator Carrie Woodward (right) of BFGoodrich® Tires. BFGoodrich® VIP Tour guests share their backgrounds and off-road interests in the Part 1 HD video.

BFGoodrich Tires booth at the 2013 Lucas Off-Road Expo Rob MacCachren, Bryce Menzies and Rickie Johnson BFG off-road drivers

     BFGoodrich® sponsored off-road legends gathered at the BFG Tires booth to meet fans, sign posters and provide autographs. Seated here (left to right), top off-road racers Rob MacCachren, Rickie Johnson and Bryce Menzies greet the public. 

2013 Lucas Off-Road Expo BFG Tour SCORE/HDRA room is a big Off-Road Expo attraction.

     At the massive pavillions of the 2013 Lucas Off-Road Expo, Bob Bower (left) leads the tour to booths and industry notables who interface with their consumers and discuss products. SCORE/HDRA is now a unified entity once more, and the SCORE launch of the November 2013 Baja 1000 Race began at this October 5-6, 2013 event. The course map and start position details were released on October 5th at the Lucas Off-Road Expo.

Jeff Cummings introduces the BFG Tires VIP Tour guests to Roger Norman. Roger Norman joins BFG VIP Tour guests at luncheon.

     BFGoodrich® Tires VIP Tour guests met with Roger Norman and enjoyed a candid discussion at the private luncheon with Roger. Roger Norman has assumed the leadership of SCORE and is now the President/CEO of the combined SCORE/HDRA. Hear Roger's insightful and frank account of his own off-road racing career as he talks with the group at this live luncheon recording...Thanks, Roger, for taking time from a demanding show schedule to share with us!