Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Authentic Jeep Accessories Brochures

For Genuine Jeep® 4WD Accessories, Go to the Source—Mopar Accessories!

     When it comes to quality engineering, there’s one thing for sure: Jeep engineers know their vehicles!  So when it comes to accessories for your Jeep, the first choice is always authentic Jeep Accessories. Do you want the right design, proper fitment, the assurance of safety—plus the best warranty available? Look to the Jeep® Accessories line for components that fit and function properly—and look great!

     Below you will find quick links to the individual brochures for each Jeep model. These official brochures contain Mopar™ and Jeep® Accessories available for the Jeep models…

     To preview the latest Mopar™/Jeep® Accessories available from Mopar, download a PDF brochure for your Jeep model. Simply click on the image below to access a download page for your Jeep!

     Mopar’s Jeep Accessories are available for earlier Jeep models, too. See your local Jeep dealer or visit the official sites for the Jeep® and Mopar®/Jeep® Accessories!

Mopar JK Wrangler

Click on the JK Wrangler image to access the Mopar Jeep® Accessories brochure PDF. 

All New 2014 Jeep Cherokee!

Click on the 2014 Jeep® Cherokee image to access an official Jeep® PDF brochure for the all-new Jeep® Cherokee!

Mopar Grand Cherokee

 Click on the Grand Cherokee image to access the Mopar Jeep® Accessories PDF download brochure. 

Mopar Jeep Liberty

  Click on the Jeep Liberty image to access the Mopar Jeep® Accessories brochure PDF.

Mopar Jeep Patriot

  Click on the Jeep Patriot image to access the Mopar Jeep® Accessories brochure PDF.

Mopar Jeep Compass

 Click on the Jeep Compass image to access the Mopar Jeep® Accessories brochure PDF.

  For a dozen years, I had the privilege of working with Mopar staff and the Jeep Accessories products at Chrysler’s Camp Jeep events. My owners’ workshops addressed the many ways we can accessorize, personalize and upgrade Jeep 4WD vehicles…

     Guests brought their Jeep experiences, lists of questions and recreational dreams to these workshops…We shared the many ways that Jeep Accessories and Mopar Performance parts can enhance your backcountry travel and outdoor sports activities. Within these brochures, discover the latest Mopar/Jeep Accessories for your multi-purpose Jeep 4WD model!

—Moses Ludel