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You Can Perform Jeep 4WD Technical How-to & Upgrades!

Moses Ludel rebuilds the Carter BBD carburetor to

   Along that remote trail, with limited parts availability and your rolling tool chests miles away at the shop or home garage, you need mechanical savvy and troubleshooting skills! I have driven solo over rugged trails for more than four decades. Getting a 4x4 home from remote desert and rugged mountain trails is just part of the Jeep troubleshooting skills found in this magazine's articles and HD video tutorials.

Learn wheel alignment for beam axle XJ Cherokee and Wrangler models!

   This section of the magazine focuses on routine service, preventive care, repairs, rebuilding techniques, upgrades, improvements and tuning tips. You will find in-depth information on fuel-and-spark management, the Jeep BBD carburetor, axles, lift kits, the AX15 transmission rebuild, transfer case rebuilding, locking differentials, chassis upgrades, engine conversions, the 4.0L/4.2L stroker hybrid inline sixes, engine tuning, and much more!

On the Rubicon Trail, mechanical skill and the right equipment are requirements! 

   How-to HD videos at the 4WD Mechanix Video Network and the articles found in this section will go far toward professionalizing your Jeep 4WD mechanical skills. The Q&A provides an opportunity to get direct answers from Moses Ludel!

Moses Ludel does a 209-step rebuild of the Jeep AX15 five-speed transmission! 

   Note: Are you broken down on a primitive trail but still have cell phone reception? Use your iPhone or Droid to search this site for insights and mechanical solutions!

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