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HD Videos: Advance Adapters Rubicrawler Design and Shifting Techniques

 Sales Manager Steve Roberts at Advance Adapters shares the features and advantages of the Rubicrawler crawl box. This gearbox for 42RLE equipped Jeep Wrangler models offers a 2.72:1 doubling reduction ratio for extreme rock crawling. Hear Steve's comments in the video!

Steve Roberts demonstrates functions of the Rubicrawler. Shifters and console are easier, with rugged components.

Advance Adapters produces the unique Rubicrawler gear reduction box for
Jeep Wrangler models equipped with the 42RLE automatic transmission (2003-2011 models). This reduction or "crawl" gear box offers an easy shift method that Steve Roberts demonstrates in this HD video how-to.
Advance Adapter JK Wrangler has a Rubicrawler installation. Rubicrawler uses durable cable shift linkage that exceeds OEM quality.
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