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4WD Mechanix Magazine Celebrates the Mopar® Brand!

Mopar® became an official Chrysler brand in 1937. As the source for genuine replacement parts for all Chrysler models, Mopar® has grown into an iconic label, respected worldwide for quality, reliable OE replacement parts that fit properly. Mopar® Performance, Jeep® Accessories and Ram Truck Accessories recently welcomed a new member to the Mopar® family—Mopar® added the Jeep® Off-Road Performance line!
4.0L Jeep air filter from Mopar Mopar oil filter for the Jeep 4.0L
For all of our maintenance and service needs, Mopar® is the first choice in parts. Above, these genuine Mopar® filters assure the longevity and reliable service we have come to expect from our Jeep® vehicles and Ram trucks.
4WD Dodge Ram 9.25 Mopar synthetic axle lubricant
The magazine's '05 Ram 3500 truck gets new 4.56 axle gears after a 4" Mopar lift kit installation. The lubricant of choice is Mopar® multi-viscosity synthetic. When towing, we know that the axle has protection, the best follow-up for a performance axle rebuild!
Ram Truck at the SEMA Show Mopar display Ram 3500 with Mopar 4
At left, Mopar® proudly supports the off-road racing community. Racers, pre-runners and enthusiasts can now benefit from the new Jeep® Off-Road Performance line of products. See the magazine's 2013 SEMA Show coverage for details on the latest Mopar® concept vehicles and performance products!