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4WD Mechanix Magazine's Dodge and Ram Truck Section!

At more than 100K miles on the odometer, the 2005 Ram 3500 4WD pickup runs like new!

     Dodge and Ram Trucks have a loyal following. 4WD Mechanix© Magazine delivers in-depth coverage of Dodge Ram 4x4 technology, how-to and upgrades. In this section of the magazine, you will find useful articles and information on maintenance, how-to repairs, upgrades, and accessories for Dodge and Ram 4x4s. Our own fleet boasts a Cummins powered Dodge Ram 3500 4WD Quad-Cab (pictured above). Owners can benefit from the many articles and features available here.

     At the 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network channels, you will find a variety of additional coverage on Dodge and Ram Trucks, including technology, how-to work and leading edge upgrades. At the magazine's header on each page, click on the channel buttons to access the growing HD video playlists! Get your Dodge Ram Truck information in full-screen HD 1080P video!

     For additional discussion, get involved at the 4WD Mechanix 'Tech & Travel' Forums!  These forums have an entire group section devoted to Dodge and Ram Truck models and their needs. Get your tech questions answered and join like minded owners in pursuit of maximum performance and reliability from a Dodge Ram Truck. Here is quick access to the Dodge and Ram Truck forums: 

Dodge Power Wagon, Dodge and Ram 4WD Trucks

Dodge 4x4 and Ram 4WD Trucks

Discussion of Dodge and Ram 4WD trucks, including powertrain, performance upgrades, suspension modifications, axle, steering and chassis how-to. Share your troubleshooting needs and findings with other dedicated Dodge and Ram truck owners!

Dodge-Ram Cummins Power

This section devoted to Cummins engines and Dodge Ram trucks, including the 12-valve and 24-valve 5.9L and 24-valve 6.7L ISB inline sixes. If you're interested in Cummins power, this is the place to share maintenance, upgrade and performance tips!

Vintage Dodge Power Wagon 4x4

The WWII and Korean War era M37 and postwar Dodge Power Wagon civilian models set the stage for light truck 4x4s. Many restore or use these trucks in a variety of work, play and parade environments. This owners group shares information, ownership experiences and restoration tips!