Advance Adapters and Cummins 2.8L Diesel Engine Conversion for Jeep®

Breaking News…Cummins R2.8L four-cylinder diesel crate engine package now available…Pricing posted at the Cummins Repower site!  Visit Cummins Repower at for details.  The Cummins P/N 5467046 complete crate engine package is now available to Advance Adapters and other Cummins engine dealers.  Contact Advance Adapters at or phone the Advance Adapters tech support line at […]

Video Series: How to Flare Automotive Brake Tube, Fuel Lines and Cooler Tubing

Flare Tools and How to Flare Brake Lines This in depth how-to HD video series covers brake tube flare types, flaring methods, flare tools and brake work safety concerns.  Attention focuses on the brake tube flare tools used for servicing production vehicles and building custom brake line systems. While many U.S. shops and DIY enthusiasts […]