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Videos: 2013 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo and Home & Garden Show!  

For the Sierra Nevada communities, the 2013 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo brought the four-wheel drive, ATV, motorcycle, boat and RV communities together. This year's event drew a huge crowd, demonstrating the enthusiasm and growing confidence of consumers in this recreational segment. Filmed at the Reno Convention Center in HD video, the April 5-7, 2013 show launched the off-road season! 
Toyota Dealers and Lockett Shows makes the Reno Off-Road Expo possible! 4WD Parts now has a Reno retail outlet! 
  Lockett Shows, the Northern Nevada Toyota dealers and vendors make the 2013 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo possible. Booth space included many retailers. 4-Wheel Parts, the large 4x4 parts and accessories supplier, recently added a Reno-Sparks store! 
 Local clubs like Hills Angels 4x4, Reno 4x4, NAXJA Chapter and Sierra Stompers each have booths at the Reno Off-Road Expo! 2013 Reno Off-Road Expo and Reno 4x4 Club 
  Four-wheel drive clubs are well represented at the Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo. The April 5th-7th event at the Reno Convention Center coincided with the end of hard winter weather. Many 4x4, dirt motorcycle and ATV owners come to this annual spring show and celebrate the start of the off-pavement season! 
Del Albright actively represents Blue Ribbon Coalition. U.S. Forest Service and Tread Lightly message is clear at the Reno Off-Road Expo! 
  Del Albright represented the Blue Ribbon Coalition at the Expo. His message about land use reaches a broad audience. Trail access has been a popular theme for years. At right, the U.S. Forest Service booth included outdoor ethics materials and the 'Tread Lightly!' message. "Ride On Designated Routes" is a basic tenet for all off-pavement recreation. 
Motorcycles are a large part of the off-road vehicle community! Fishing, camping, hunting and outdoor recreation enthusiasts each meet at the Reno Off-Road Expo! 
  Dirt motorcycles are very popular at the Sierra region. 4WD Mechanix Magazine has broadened its coverage to include this exciting, growing segment of off-pavement recreation. At right, fishing tips from a pro can bring your skills to par—just in time for the opening of trout season! 
Lockett Shows' 2013 Reno Spring Home & Garden Show in HD Video!  
An added treat alongside the 2013 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo was the 2013 Spring Home & Garden Show. Lockett Shows assembles a whole family experience under one roof —at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. See how your entire family can enjoy the combined shows—make it a weekend stay at Reno, Nevada! 
2013 Reno Home & Garden Show boxer kisses Kids ride horses for free at the 2013 Reno Home & Garden Show! 
     For the family, the 2013 Reno Spring Home & Garden Show provided everything from a boxer's kiss for Mom to kids riding horses—for free! This show, under the same roof as the Off-Road & Motorsports Expo, draws a large crowd each year—and makes it possible for Dad to spend plenty of time poring over the 4x4, ATV, boat and motorcycle booths at the Expo! Lockett Shows provides these annual events at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.
Joseph E. Greco sings before the 2013 Reno Home & Garden Show crowd! Aussie Kingdom of animals at the 2013 Reno Home & Garden Show
  Joseph E. Greco provided live music at the 2013 Reno Spring Home & Garden Show. His exceptional singing voice carried country music, oldies and ballads across the large hall. At right, the Aussie Kingdom gave kids and adults a chance to visit Australia's unique wildlife up close. There were many dog and exotic animal booths, and dog rescue is a popular theme at the Reno Spring Home & Garden Show!